PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Jefferson Smith, an entrepreneur, activist, former state legislator and former Portland mayoral candidate, shared six suggestions to improve Portland in 2023.

Smith’s first suggestion is to “clean up the city.” The former representative highlighted the non-profit Adopt One Block — an organization that gives volunteers free cleaning supplies to clean a section of the city once per week.

Second, to help address homelessness, Smith pointed to Home Share Oregon, a non-profit that matches you to someone that you can rent your spare bedroom to.

Smith suggests using that extra income from home sharing for his third recommendation of buying local.

Fourth, he suggests Portlanders go into work if they can — explaining that more eyes on the streets may make them feel safer.

Next, he suggests Portlanders learn more about the city’s new form of government. After voters scrapped the city’s commission form of government, Portland has a new charter — implementing ranked choice voting.

Lastly, Smith says to help shrink the “digital divide,” Portlanders should participate in programs like 10,000 Tablets — which aims to help low-income families afford broadband services, according to the non-profit’s website.