PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In this week’s Give Me a Minute, KOIN 6 anchor Ken Boddie takes the time to remember former Mayor Bud Clark.

Bud Clark’s signature greeting, “whoop whoop!” brought smiles to everyone he encountered and optimism to the city.

He was a long-shot to be mayor. Most people thought the person he beat — incumbent Mayor Frank Ivancie — was a lock to get re-elected. But Clark, the owner of the Goose Hollow Inn Tavern near Providence Park…Civic Stadium back then — pulled off the monumental upset by really connecting with people.

When he was elected in 1984, we were in a recession, and he still got the Oregon Convention Center built, establishing tourism as a major industry in Portland.

“It gave confidence that the city had a future, and that there was prosperity ahead,” Clark reflected during a 2016 interview.

Hear the rest of Boddie’s thoughts on Clark above.

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