Pledge Proud with KOIN 6!

Starting Oct. 21, 2019, KOIN 6 will begin airing the Pledge of Allegiance recorded by organizations throughout Oregon and southwest Washington.

If you’d like to submit a video from your organization, remember the following things:

  • Hold your phone as still as you’re able to
  • Avoid recording the Pledge in an area with background noise
  • Please avoid adding music to avoid violating copyright laws
  • When recording video, try to have the sun in front of those reciting the Pledge; if the sun or a bright light is behind them, it will make it harder for a camera to correctly balance the video
  • If you’re using a smartphone to record the video, please hold it horizontal, not vertical

We cannot guarantee all submitted videos will air; however, we will make every attempt to air each one we receive.

Submit your video using the form below:

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