6 Things You Need to Know About Heat Pump Water Heaters:

1.    Water heaters are the second-largest energy user in most homes. They typically make up 20% of your energy usage — that’s more than your refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer combined.


2.    Heat pump water heaters use electricity differently. They move heat rather than generate it, so you use 2 to 3 times less energy. That shaves about 10% off your monthly energy bill, or about $300 a year.


3.    Heat pump water heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. By cutting your electricity use, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions — which is much better for the planet.


4.    Heat pump water heaters have a longer warranty — 10 years versus 4 to 6 for a regular water heater. So you can rest easy with a steady supply of hot water for many years to come.


5.    Heat pump water heaters cost more up front, but the savings in energy costs mean that your new water heater will pay for itself in about three years.


6.    Thanks to instant discounts through the Energy Trust of Oregon, you can slash $500 off the cost of a new heat pump water heater. 

How it Works

Heat Pump vs. Standard Electric Water Heaters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a heat pump water heater cost?
    The purchase price of a heat pump water heater is higher than the cost of a standard electric water heater, but utility rebates, tax credits and promotions can significantly reduce the purchase price. Plus, the unit pays for itself by significantly reducing household energy use, saving you money almost instantly.
  • What is the warranty on a heat pump water heater?
    Major manufacturers of heat pump water heaters typically offer 10-year warranties on their products; while the average standard electric water heaters has a 6-year warranty. Please contact your heat pump water heater’s manufacturer for more details.
  • Where can I install a heat pump water heater?
    Heat pump water heaters can be installed in a variety of locations, from an unheated garage to a heated utility room. Things to consider include space, sound, cold air and the unit’s size/height. Visit Hot Water Solutions’ installation locations page for additional information.

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