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Which floral bath towel is best?

Floral bath towels are a welcoming addition to your bathroom decor, adding brightness and charm, and creating an inviting atmosphere for guests and family members. Florals aren’t only for spring and summer; they warm the room in winter and fall as well, reminding you that cold temperatures and bare branches are only temporary. Floral patterns and themes are at home in cottage-style decor (aka cottagecore), vintage decorating, boho chic and grand-millennial styles.

The Great Bay Home Floral Jacquard Bath Towel Set is a luxury six-piece set that includes two bath towels, two washcloths and two hand towels in soft, plush, super-absorbent cotton for a budget-friendly price.

What to know before you buy floral bath towels

Floral accents 

If you’re choosing a floral theme for the bathroom and want to accessorize the space, the best place to start is with towels. Choose ones that coordinate with the room’s color, then add pieces that highlight the look. Matching items include a wicker or rattan shelf, a small plant or macrame hanging planter, a framed floral print, fun wallpaper and items like floral soap dishes or hand soap dispensers.

Towel sets

Towel sets are an efficient, cost-effective way to match bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. A set looks neat, organized and well-thought out to guests, promoting a welcoming atmosphere. 

Set sizes range from three to 10. A basic three-piece set usually includes one bath towel, hand towel and washcloth. A standard six-piece set will include two of each. An eight-piece typically includes two bath towels, with four washcloths and two hand towels. A luxury 10-piece set may include two oversized bath towels, with four hand towels and four washcloths or some different combination of items.

Bath towels for kids

Bath towels for kids differ from adult bath towels in more than just size. Kids’ bath towels are often sold hooded, may include snap closures and are sometimes made of warmer materials so that they function as both towel and blanket. Kids towels also come in vibrant and silly prints, patterns, shapes and colors. Many hooded towels feature animal and character themes so your child can dress up like a lion or mermaid while drying off. 

What to look for in quality floral bath towels


Cotton is the gold standard for quality bath towels. Cotton towels are thick, quick to dry, easily washed in the machine, soft, plush and inviting. They fluff up in the dryer after washing and stand up to long-term use. There are also towels in which cotton is blended with synthetic materials such as polyester. Cotton-blend towels have many of the benefits of cotton but usually are slightly more lightweight and thinner, and have a different softness.


Floral bath towels can range from subtly embroidered floral patterns with muted pastel colors to bold, bright maximalist designs that instantly capture your attention. Surprisingly, something as simple as a towel can throw off a bathroom’s look if it competes with another theme in the room or clashes with your paint colors. But it can enhance a look quite well if done correctly. 

Try using subtle bath towels in a bathroom that is already calming and Zen, and use bolder prints and patterns in a bathroom with a glam vibe. If you’re going for a boho look, you can blend ivory or white walls with macrame, then add brighter colors in your accents — but beware of overpowering the space.


When selecting your floral bath towel, consider the material’s absorbency and what you’re using it for. If the towel is meant for decorative display, absorbency might not matter. But if you intend to use it as a bath or beach towel, you’ll want it to be quick-drying and thick enough to absorb a lot of water while remaining soft and plush. Cotton is by far the best fabric for absorbency.

How much you can expect to spend on floral bath towels

The cost of bath towels varies significantly depending on whether you purchase them separately or in sets. For a thick cotton bath towel purchased separately, expect to spend $10-$20. For a quality three-piece set, you’ll usually spend around $20-$40. For a six-piece set, prices can range from $30 on the lower end to $50 on the higher.

Floral bath towels FAQ

Is my floral bath towel machine washable? 

A. Yes. In fact, always wash your towels first before use, unless you intend to use them only for display. 

Will machine washing cause dye runs?

A. When washing brightly colored towels for the first time, wash separately to avoid a dye run. Washing in cold water is the best option. Hanging towels to dry is ideal in suitable climates, but tumbling them dry is also fine.

How do I prevent my towels from pilling and fraying in the wash?

A. The best way to prevent pilling on your towels is to always wash towels together and not with other articles of clothing. During their first wash, add a small amount of baking soda to the machine. This will help prevent pilling in the long term. Dryer sheets are thought to help prevent pilling as well. Prevent fraying by gently removing tags with scissors rather than pulling them off by hand. 

What are the best floral bath towels to buy?

Top floral bath towel

Great Bay Home Floral Jacquard Bath Towel

Great Bay Home Floral Jacquard Bath Towel

What you need to know: This luxury six-piece floral set is super-absorbent cotton and includes washcloths and hand towels.

What you’ll love: This subtle set is soft, pretty and available in 11 color combinations to match your bathroom perfectly. These towels are machine washable and are quick to dry.

What you should consider: A small number of customers felt the towels were prone to pilling.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top floral bath towel for the money

SKL Home Rhapsody Bath Towel

SKL Home Rhapsody Bath Towel

What you need to know: This unique reversible towel features a gorgeous floral bohemian print that is subtle and pastel on one side, bold and bright on the reverse.

What you’ll love: It’s the perfect thickness, not too thick to be wrapped comfortably around the body, but not so thin that it doesn’t dry you sufficiently. It makes a great statement towel for both bathroom and beach.

What you should consider: The colors aren’t the same on both sides. One side is soft colored and the other is bold.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Naanle Cherry Blossoms Crane Soft Luxury Towel Set

Naanle Cherry Blossoms Crane Soft Luxury Towel Set

What you need to know: This stunning cherry blossom and crane towel set is a showstopper when styled with similar colors in a blue-, pink-, ivory- or green-walled bathroom.

What you’ll love: This beautiful set of three includes a bath towel, hand towel and washcloth. They’re made of a highly absorbent blend of soft cotton and polyester microfiber.

What you should consider: The inclusion of microfiber in these towels gives them a unique texture.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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