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Which Halloween socks are best?

If you get excited about bobbing for apples, watching scary movies, and showing off your sense of spooky style, Halloween socks can give your wardrobe an eerie edge this season. Choosing the right Halloween socks for you or your family is about finding the right designs at the best value. If you’re looking for the best bulk pack of Halloween socks, the SATINIOR 4 Pairs Halloween Novelty Socks is the top choice.

What to know before you buy Halloween socks


The best part of Halloween socks is the fun and festival designs featured on the outside. When looking for the best Halloween socks for your seasonal wardrobe, think about what elements of Halloween you like and try to find socks that feature them. That may be color combinations, characters or themes. Halloween designs typically feature one large print, multiple colors or a repeating pattern across a colored background. How you intend to show off your socks can play a part in which socks make sense for your wardrobe.

Style of socks

By far, the most common style of Halloween socks is crew-cut socks. Crew socks are a fun height because they let the design peek above your shoes without having to stretch up your calves. You may also be able to find Halloween socks in other styles, such as knee-high socks, ankle socks and no-show socks. Keep in mind, the shorter the sock, the less space it has to show off a Halloween design.


When it comes to socks, most are made of 100% cotton. If you prefer a bit of stretch in your socks, look for pairs with a small amount of spandex. 

Bulk packs

Many Halloween socks come in bulk packs that include various designs. If you’re looking for multiple pairs to wear throughout the season or a great deal on Halloween socks, opt for a bulk pack. Packs can include anywhere from two to 12 or more pairs of socks. Generally, the more pairs of socks in the pack, the cheaper the cost per pair.

What to look for in quality Halloween socks

Prints and patterns

High-quality Halloween socks will feature prints and patterns with clear graphics as opposed to blurry or low-quality images. They will feature a tight thread count, quality toe and heel pads, and top-notch bands that stretch to hold the sock in place around the leg.

Machine washable

Quality socks should be machine washable, even if you may need to line dry them to help preserve them season after season. If they are 100% cotton, avoid washing them with hot water as that can shrink the fibers. Instead, wash them on cold and delicate.


Socks should feature a thick weave that acts as a full sock rather than a thin stocking to withstand as many Halloween seasons as possible. Polyester and spandex will add durability to a cotton sock, giving it structure and stretch.

How much you can expect to spend on Halloween socks

Halloween socks generally cost $1-$5 per pair but can reach up to $10 or more for one-of-a-kind, personalized or high-end socks.

Halloween socks FAQ

Can you wash Halloween socks with the rest of the laundry?

A. Usually, yes. Check the labels for specific washing instructions. If your Halloween socks are colorful, which is likely, wash them separately the first time or with like colors to prevent color bleeding. Depending on the materials, you may want to avoid using a tumble dry as that can shrink some organic materials.

Do Halloween socks come in men’s and women’s sizes?

A. Yes, and they also come in unisex and kids’ sizes. You may find more options for packs of Halloween socks when looking for unisex since Halloween themes aren’t gendered. However, keep in mind that standard size socks in a one-size-fits-all pack may fit too small or too large on some people.

What are the best Halloween socks to buy?

Top Halloween socks

SATINIOR 4 Pairs Halloween Novelty Socks

SATINIOR 4 Pairs Halloween Novelty Socks

What you need to know: This pack of Halloween socks is suitable for any gender and includes four classic Halloween designs.

What you’ll love: The novelty socks are soft and breathable with toe pads and heel pads. Designs include a mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, black bats and orange jack-o’-lanterns. They are appropriate for wearing around the house, parties and seasonal office wear, making them versatile and fun. The pack also makes a great gift.

What you should consider: Since they’re unisex, these socks may be too big for those with smaller feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Halloween socks for the money

Different Touch 12 Pairs Kids’ Halloween Novelty Design Crew Socks

Different Touch 12 Pairs Kids’ Halloween Novelty Design Crew Socks

What you need to know: For 12 pairs of kids’ Halloween socks, this is an excellent deal.

What you’ll love: The pack comes with two sets each of six pairs of unique designs. Kids will enjoy funky prints and patterns, including a black cat, Halloween unicorn, pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, candy and owls, all on different colors backgrounds. The socks are 98% polyester and 2% spandex, so they are highly durable and fit snugly just above the ankle.

What you should consider: The larger size may be too big for most kids, so opt for the smaller size for kids ages 10 and younger.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

PanPacSight Kids’ Halloween Novelty Funny Socks

PanPacSight Kids’ Halloween Novelty Funny Socks

What you need to know: This pack of four of novelty kids’ Halloween socks delivers both value and comfort.

What you’ll love: The socks are 75% cotton, 22% polyester and 3% spandex for superior comfort. The designs are eclectic graphics featuring ghosts and skeletons trick-or-treating, cats and jack-o’-lanterns and animal skeletons. The material is soft and lightweight. The socks sit at the standard crew height above the ankle.

What you should consider: Some customers report the socks shrinking in the wash, so be aware you may need to wash them on delicate and line dry them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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