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Which easy-set pools are best?

If you want to enjoy an aboveground pool without the hassle of complex assembly, an easy-set pool is the perfect solution. With just one ring to inflate, it could hardly be simpler to set up, so you’ll spend less time fussing and more time having fun. 

When picking, you should consider factors such as the diameter and depth of the pool and its durability. Whether you’re looking to fit your whole household in your pool or just one or two people, you’ll find plenty of great options.

What is an easy-set pool?

An easy-set pool is a type of inflatable pool that’s particularly quick to set up. You can also find them described as fast-set, quick-set or top-ring pools. The only part that needs inflating is the top ring — the rest is held in place by water pressure. 

To set up a top-ring pool, you start by laying it flat on a piece of ground that you’ve cleared of any sharp objects. Better yet, use a ground sheet underneath to further protect it. Then you need to inflate the top tube. Using an electric pump is the quickest way, but you can use a foot pump or hand pump. Once inflated, start to fill it with a hose and the water does the rest.

What to look for in an easy-set pool


You can find these types of pools in a range of diameters, from around 6-foot to 18-foot. Small diameter pools are great for a couple of kids to splash around in, while the largest pools are big enough for a whole household to enjoy. In large pools, kids can swim quite easily and even adults can do laps, although it can get boring going in small circles after a while. 


The depth of fast-set pools ranges from around 2-foot to 4-foot. The deepest pools are great for older kids and adults, making it easier to swim around, but they can leave little kids out of their depth. It’s always safer to choose a pool that users can comfortably stand in. 


If you want your pool to last more than a couple of summers, make sure you choose a durable option. The best are made from two layers of heavy-gauge PVC with a layer of polyester mesh in between. Pools made from just a single layer of material are far more likely to get punctured.


Unless you choose a small pool, it’s a good idea to have a filter. Without a filter, you’ll need to keep emptying and refilling your pool to get rid of debris. Buying a pool that comes with a filter is often a more affordable option than buying one separately, plus it leaves you certain that the filter is appropriate for the pool. 


It’s a good idea to have a ladder to get in and out of your ring-top pool, as climbing in can pull down the edge and make water spill out. Some come with ladders included, but you can buy them separately. 

Other accessories

Some pools come with other accessories, such as ground sheets to place them on to avoid punctures or chlorine tablets for water maintenance. Check what accessories are included and which you may need to buy separately. 

Best easy-set pools

Best Intex 28111ST Easy Set Pool

Intex 28111ST Easy-Set Pool

You can choose from a wide range of sizes, starting at 8 feet across and 2 feet deep, spanning all the way to 18 feet across and 4 feet deep. You can buy it either with or without a filter, but a filter is highly recommended for larger sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Best Summer Waves Transparent Quick Set Pool

Summer Waves Transparent Quick-Set Pool

This pool stands out for having transparent sides and a cool 3D underwater scene on the base that you can view with the included 3D goggles, which is great fun for kids. It measures 8 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bestway 57267E Fast Set Aboveground Pool

Bestway 57267E Fast-Set Aboveground Pool

The heavy three-ply PVC construction makes this pool durable enough to withstand many summers of use. It comes with a pump filter to keep the water free from debris.

Sold by Amazon

Best Intex 15-Foot by 48-Inch Easy-Set Pool

Intex 15-Foot by 48-Inch Easy-Set Pool 

Thanks to its large 15-foot diameter and 4-foot depth, this is a great choice of pool for kids and adults alike. It comes with a filter, ladder, ground cloth and pool cover, so you have more or less everything you need to enjoy it safely and comfortably.

Sold by Amazon

Best Summer Waves P1001236A Quick Set Top Ring Pool

Summer Waves P1001236A Quick-Set Top Ring Pool

You have a choice of three sizes with this pool: 8 feet by 30 inches, 10 feet by 30 inches or 12 feet by 3 feet. It comes with a filter pump to keep water clean and hygienic, plus its conveniently located drain makes emptying it easier.

Sold by Amazon

Best Jasonwell Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Jasonwell Inflatable Kiddie Pool

This quick-set kiddie pool is great for little kids to paddle and play in, measuring approximately 80 inches across and 18 inches deep. Its three-layer design is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear kids put on it.

Sold by Amazon

Best Summer Waves 15-Foot by 36-Inch Quick Set Pool

Summer Waves 15-Foot by 36-Inch Quick Set Pool

Measuring 15 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep, this is a large enough pool for kids to swim in and whole households to enjoy together. Made from a layer of polyester mesh sandwiched between two layers of thick PVC, it’s durable, too.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Inflatable Easy-Set Pool Set

Intex Inflatable Easy-Set Pool Set

If you’re looking for a large pool, this one fits the bill, with an 18-foot diameter and 4-foot depth. It comes with accessories, including a powerful pump, a ground cloth and pool cover.

Sold by Amazon

Best Jhunswen Aboveground Pool

Jhunswen Aboveground Pool

Moderately sized with 6-foot and 8-foot versions available, this is an ideal pool for kids or people with compact yards. Made from PVC with a central mesh layer, it’s surprisingly durable considering the low price.

Sold by Amazon

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