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SOLVE is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals, business groups, and service and conservation groups through volunteering and education to restore our natural spaces and take good care of this great state of which we are all so proud. SOLVE facilitates Oregonians of all kinds coming together to volunteer, focusing on beach and illegal dump cleanup, planting native trees, removing invasive plants, and other environmental maintenance projects. SOLVE annually creates an average of 40,000 volunteer opportunities in 170 communities all across this diverse state.  

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But SOLVE has been around, and doing good, for a lot longer ago than that. The organization originally called S.O.L.V. (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism) was created by Governor Tom McCall and other community leaders in 1969 to address the need for community action in the ever-growing state. Today SOLVE is working to build on that original vision with a strategic plan for today’s problems (and tomorrow’s too, for that matter).

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SOLVE at 50: First of its kind a national leader
Through generations, thousands of Oregonians turned those words into action. They are now part of SOLVE — created by Gov. McCall in 1969, a half-century ago. Jeff Gianola reports.


Video: Keep it Pretty Rose City

SOLVE’s mission is to clean up all of Oregon. Through Project Oregon, they’ll help you organize your own cleanup anywhere in the state. 

There is a new focus to clean up Portland. SOLVE is organizing clean-ups all over the city through its new initiative, Keep It Pretty Rose City.

SOLVE: Project Oregon

You can find a clean up near you, or SOLVE will help you create your own in your neighborhood.


Video: Recycling starts at home

Improving our environment really starts at home.

Metro: Garbage and Recycling
Fred Meyer: Responsible Choices

KOIN 6 News anchor Jenny Hansson shows how you can reduce your trash while you shop.


Video: Replacing invasives with natives

SOLVE does more than pick up litter to keep our state pristine and protect our waterways.

SOLVE: Invasive Plants

KOIN 6 Meteorologist Kelley Bayern shows how volunteers also attack invasive plants to help restore the natural ecosystem.


Video: Cigarette butts turned into something new

The thousands of SOLVE volunteers will tell you the top item they find during every clean up is cigarette butts — and they don’t biodegrade. 

SOLVE: Cigarette litter
Terracycle: Cigarette waste recycling

Amy Frazier shows how SOLVE is working with a unique company to turn those butts into something new.


Video: Washed Ashore turns trash to art

SOLVE has been taking care of Oregon for 50 years and each year SOLVE volunteers pick up literally tons of trash along the beaches.  Some of that litter gets a new life in art installations across the country.

Cole Miller traveled to Bandon to meet a woman who’s creating art to save the sea.


Help SOLVE and their mission to take care of Oregon by purchasing a limited edition Fifty/Fifty water bottle in honor of the 50th anniversary of SOLVE. Get your Fifty/Fifty bottle and contribute to making our community one with zero waste here.

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