PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Winterhawks made history on Thursday as they drafted the first-ever American-born female into the WHL, 15-year-old California native Morgan Stickney.

“It was super cool,” said Stickney with a big smile. “A dream come true.”

Morgan said she was furiously refreshing her computer on Thursday, hoping her name would pop up in the WHL Draft.

She did get tipped off a bit though before she was drafted 215th.

“Right before I saw it refresh on the list, I got a request from the Portland Winterhawks on Instagram. I was so confused, and then yeah,” said Morgan.

This is a moment the aptly named Stickney has been building towards since she was 5, when her 7-year-old brother, Parker, unknowingly changed her life.

“I got started in hockey because my brother played hockey. He needed a goalie at stick time, so he just threw me out on the ice, and I loved it and asked my parents to keep playing,” said Stickney. “I’m so grateful because I don’t think I ever would’ve played hockey if it weren’t for that.”

Morgan Stickney. (Photo courtesy of Portland Winterhawks)

Stickney grew up around the sport though pretty much from birth as her dad used to own a team in Switzerland.

The good news for the Winterhawks? Her dad was a huge fan of them, so this, like Morgan said, is truly a dream come true.

“I’ve been a fan since I was younger,” said Stickney. “I actually have a photo of me cheering them on in a Portland Winterhawks cheerleading outfit when I was 4 years old.”