PORTLAND Ore, (KOIN) — Caleb Jordan, a University of Idaho freshman quarterback and Portland native, is recounting one of the strangest college football seasons thanks to COVID-19, and while it wasn’t what he expected, he said made the most of it.

“This … COVID-year really gave me an opportunity to hone in my skills and work on my craft. It really just helped me prepare and get ready to compete for the job,” he told KOIN 6 News.

Due to the pandemic, many players around the country had a hard time staying focused on the actual game but with all the uncertainty each day due to COVID-19, Jordan had to stay mentally sharp and prepared to have his number called at any time. When players ahead of Jordan were out due to either injury or COVID protocols, Jordan’s number was called.

“It was crazy,” Jordan recalled. “I was preparing all week like I always do, then the coach came up to me and said I was going to be the starting quarterback.”

When game day came, it was a dream come true for Jordan and his chance to show everybody what he could do.

“Before the first snap I was so calm, it was crazy. I worked so hard for this moment and I was just ready, I didn’t even know we went down and scored ’til I got off the field. The adrenaline was crazy.”

With the Vandals’ season over, it’s back to work for Jordan as he prepares to compete for the spotlight again come fall. He says no matter what happens, he is going to stay ready.

“The offseason workload is a lot more than before, but that’s what happens as a college athlete, I am just ready to go back and get to work,” he said.