PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Kate Ly is not like most 10-year-old golfers. In fact her swing and her short game are taking her from Southeast Portland to the some of golf’s most hallowed grounds — Augusta National in Georgia.

Augusta, the home of The Masters, is also the home of the Drive-Chip-Putt finals for junior golfers, which Kate will take part in.

“I’m excited to visit Augusta because I’ve never been there before,” she told KOIN 6 News.

The Lys are a golfing family. Kate fell in love with the sport while watching her older sister, Kyra.

“I just kind of followed her around and I started playing, too,” Kate said.

“It’s fun just playing with me and my sister,” said Kyra, a 2-time Oregon Golf Association Junior Player of the Year.

That helps Kyra offer words of advice to her younger sister “not to think about the cameras. … Just try to be calm and don’t think too much about your swing. Just hit it.”

Which is exactly what Kate will do when she squares off with competitors from all around the country.

Despite the fluttering nerves, Kate understands the opportunity at hand and plans to soak in the entire experience the second she drives down Magnolia Lane the way she knows best.

“Just to have fun and relax,” Kate said.

She said she is also excited to watch the pros play their practice rounds at Augusta.

The Drive-Chip-Putt National Finals tees off on Sunday, April 4.