PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It came down to his final shot, but Damian Lillard secured his first–and apparently only– NBA All-Star three-point contest crown on Saturday.

Lillard needed 26 points to beat Buddy Hield’s 25 and secured 26 on the final ball he shot. He also needed to hit his final four threes to top Hield, which he did.

It was Lillard’s third time competing in the NBA’s three-point shooting contest. After winning, he said he will retire now from the event.

“All the best shooters in the history of our game, most of them have one of these,” said Lillard, pointing to the trophy. “To be in this competition a few times and not have one, I just wanted to get it done at least one time.”

Lillard becomes the first Trail Blazer to win the event as well.

The Weber State alum competed in his alma mater’s jersey on Saturday night, which is fitting since all-star weekend is in Salt Lake City this year.

“I’m happy that it happened here,” said Lillard of his win. “It’s a perfect situation. I’m happy I could do it in my homecoming back in Utah.”