PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — This weekend, the Oregon State football team and the Portland men’s soccer team both have big games.

The Beavers could play spoiler in the Pac-12 and take down UW on Saturday when they play at 4:30 p.m., while the Pilots men’s soccer team plays in the second round of the NCAA Tournament against Oregon State on Sunday at 5 p.m.

Those two events might not seem connected, but for one Happy Valley family, they most definitely are, which led to a natural question.

Who plays football?

“I guess we both play football,” replied Kitan Oladapo.

“Technically we do,” said Kash Oladapo.

“Technically we both play football,” finished Kitan with a laugh.

Both Oladapo brothers have overcome some adversity in their “football” careers.

The younger Kash began this season on the bench, before securing the starting goalie spot five games in. He ended the season with the best goals-against average in the WCC and tied for the most shutouts.

“It feels like I just dropped him off at college the other day,” recalled Kitan. “To see him grow and take on a leadership spot on his team and really strive to be great every time he steps on the field, it’s been fun.”

While eldest Kitan walked on as a freshman to OSU, only to be named a preseason all-Pac-12 first-team safety coming into his senior season.

“It’s meant a lot,” said Kash of his brother’s journey. “It’s really a good testament to the guy he is. Really just believing in himself. Knowing that he can work hard to get to where he wants. It’s just an inspiration to see.”

As you can imagine, they have some pretty proud parents as well.

“I know they really just enjoy the fact that it makes us happy, and it’s what we like to do and that we’re able to be successful doing this, especially with how much time and energy we’ve put into it and them as well,” said Kash. “Especially, getting us to different places and being able to keep up with us. We can be a handful sometimes.”

That is certainly evident when Kitan is asked if he thought Kash could cut it on the football field.

“A good linebacker, a good tight end. Yeah. But he’s really not shifty enough to be a running back, so no,” said Kitan as Kash lit up.

“You keep saying this, but you don’t really know,” retorted Kash.

“Nah, nah,” responded big bro.

Subsequently, Kash agreed with Kitan that he could be a good striker, but as a goalie?

“The only issue is I don’t know if he’s locked in the whole time though. There are points in the game when you’re not doing much, and then point-blank action at you. This guy, I see him dancing during games. I don’t know if he’s locked in the whole time,” said Kash.

“You sound like my coach,” said Kitan through laughter.

Ah, we love brotherly love.