PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – This week, University of Connecticut’s Paige Beuckers suffered an injury that will keep her out for potentially the next few months, but that doesn’t mean she’s not inspiring the next generation of female ballers along the way.

Having played basketball from a young age, Camas’ sophomore Raegan Jamison has grown up around the game.

“My older brothers played basketball and so it’s kinda in the family,” Jamison explained.

With older brothers comes competition in all things.

“Football, baseball, softball, basketball obviously just like small games like tag or something I just wanted to be better than them at everything,” Jamison said.

Camas High School senior Raegan Jamison, December 2021 (KOIN)

In her sophomore year with the Papermakers, Jamison recently realized the distance her love of basketball could take her.

“I saw people were taking it really seriously like that’s kind of what they did for a living and like I really looked up to that and so that kind of like made my switch in my mind as I want to do that when I get older,” Jamison said.

Watching a collegiate star like Connecticut’s Paige Beuckers, inspired Jamison in the forced downtime at the beginning of the pandemic to attack her passion for the game with a new fervor.

Jamison noted “she was a big contributor in making me want to switch my work ethic and everything in basketball like I’ve watched so many videos of her and seeing like she’s just been such a big impact in the women’s game.”

Watching Beuckers and practicing during the pandemic, led Jamison to reform her shot.

“I actually kinda transformed my shot a lot like I didn’t used to have that good of a form, that good of a shot and then during COVID actually since we didn’t go to school, I had a lot more time on my hands, like in the gym every day getting up shots like trying to perfect my form,” Jamison said.

Camas High School senior Raegan Jamison, December 2021 (KOIN)

Jamison and her Camas teammates are poised to cause some damage this season — sharing the same fire for the game.

“I definitely think we’re the most competitive team out there, we want to win, we want to win state we want to beat everybody we want to go undefeated,” Jamison said.

She also pointed out that it’s important to do it all with a smile, which matters more than the points on the board.

“We’re always happy on the court even, we obviously don’t lose a lot so the winning makes things even more happy and joyful.”