PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The mother of a local Olympic gymnast won’t have to watch her daughter compete in Tokyo from prison.

Jordan Chiles is from Vancouver. Her mom, Gina Chiles, was supposed to report to federal prison at the end of this month for stealing more than a million dollars, but on Wednesday a judge agreed to postpone it until the end of next month.

Jordan Chiles will compete with team USA for the overall team title on July 27, the same day Gina Chiles was supposed to report to prison.

Lawyers for Gina Chiles convinced the federal judge in Portland to delay the start of her one year prison sentence for 30 days “to support her daughter throughout the Olympics” and “give Mrs. Chiles’ daughter at least some additional time to have her mother’s emotional support and guidance during such a monumental time her young life.”

Prosecutors did not object.

Court records say Gina Chiles plead guilty after embezzling $1.2 million dollars from her clients and business partners in Portland.

Her biggest victim, Karla Pearlstein, lost $945,000. She tells KOIN 6 she is not pleased that Chiles was allowed to delay her sentence.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. The courts have given her break after break. This is not the first time that they have allowed her to travel or delayed for sentencing because Jordan’s Olympic trials or whatever, but it’s a real disservice to those of us who she victimized. And, I’m not happy about it to be frank with you,” Pearlstein said.

Gina chiles is ordered to repay the money she stole.