LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. (KOIN) — Most kids playing baseball dream about making it to the big leagues, but for most, honestly, the odds are slim.

But Paul Wilson, the #1 ranked prospect in the state of Oregon for the Class of 2023, is hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The Lakeridge High School student packs a lot of power into his 6-foot-3 frame. But it’s his arm, not his bat, that has the scouts oohing and ahhing.

He’s hoping to hit 97 mph on the radar gun during his high school career.

“He came in last year as a freshman and what I noticed right away was he was going to help us on the varsity level,” Coach Ray Pearson said. “Very fortunate as a coach — and his teammates — to be around somebody that special.”

As Wilson grows, he’ll get stronger. His bloodlines help, too.

His father is Trevor Wilson, an Oregon City native who spent 7 years in the majors with San Francisco, notching 41 wins.

“I get fan mail almost every day,” Trevor said. “It surprises me how many baseball cards back in the ’80s thate were made.”

“If he signs one out, 10 more will come in trying to get his autograph on a ball or a card,” Paul said.

Now Trevor has gone from coaching his son to stepping back in a support role. “I keep reminding him, ‘You’re better than me. Now it’s up to you to put it all together, but you have the stuff to do it.'”

“He’s always said he’s paved the way and now I just have to follow through,” Paul said. “He’s always said I was better than him and I hope tht is true.”

Oregon State offered Paul a full-ride baseball scholarship, rare air to join a storied program. If he keeps pumping his fastball in the 90+ mph range, the sky will be the limit for this sensational southpaw.

His dad and his coach see good things for Paul Wilson.

“He’s always had the gift, always had the look, always had the actions of a player,” Trevor said.

Coach Pearson also sees the intangible. “Most importantly, you couldn’t find a finer young man that has the talent he has but is extremely humble.”