PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland Thorns FC announced on Friday that head coach Rhian Wilkinson is resigning following an investigation into a relationship with a player.

In a statement Wilkinson shared on Twitter, she said she and a player, who was not publicly named, had a friendship that evolved into “more complex emotions” during her time coaching.

Wilkinson says she stopped spending time with the player outside of training and eventually cut off communication altogether. Wilkinson says she reported herself to human resources and was investigated by both the League and the Player’s Association.

According to the release from the team announcing Wilkinson’s resignation, those investigations, which concluded following the 2022 season, “cleared [Wilkinson] of any wrongdoing.”

“Once the investigation was over, I informed all staff of what had taken place, but the players found out before I was able to inform them myself,” Wilkinson said in a statement.

“The narrative regarding my actions has now taken on a life of its own, and as a result I can understand that the Portland players feel hurt and have to deal with another non-soccer related situation. The result of this being that the players have asked for my resignation, and I have agreed to it.”

This announcement comes just one day after CEO and owner Meritt Paulson announced he was selling the team amid a sexual misconduct scandal that triggered massive, league-wide fallout.

In her statement, Wilkinson noted the role the investigation and human resources serve is “critically important” to protect players and avoid further power imbalances and abuse of players.

Wilkinson served as head coach for the Thorns for just one season, leading the team to their third NWSL title.

“I would like to thank the Portland Thorns organization, the fans, the staff and most importantly the players for a remarkable year,” said Wilkinson. “During my time in Portland I have met some incredible people and been fortunate enough to coach some of the best players in the game.”