The Kings ended their longstanding playoff drought on Wednesday night after beating the Trail Blazers 120–80. Sacramento is going to the postseason for the first time since the 2006 playoffs—but it also means something else for an NFL team.  

Another franchise now holds the longest playoff drought among teams in the four major American sports leagues: the Jets.

New York’s 12-year playoff drought is now the longest of any team. Led by Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez, the Jets made their last postseason appearance in 2010 when they played in their second-consecutive AFC championship game.

The team has mustered a meager 70–124 record in the regular season since its last playoff game. However, the Jets are in luck as Aaron Rodgers announced he wants to be traded to New York. The four-time MVP—who has played in 21 postseason games—will be a great addition to a team looking to make the playoffs.