On Wednesday, Sixers center Joel Embiid brought out the DX crotch chop celebration in a win over the Nets, which led to a fine from the NBA for $25,000. The league was unhappy that Embiid made “an obscene gesture on the playing court.”

While Embiid’s wallet is now lighter, he did appear to gain an admirer through the endeavor. On Saturday, Triple H tweeted his admiration that Embiid used the WWE celebration in a basketball game, so much so that he pretty much offered to help pay for it.

“Curious, Joel Embiid If you wrote a bigger check now, could you get a volume discount to cover the rest of the season??” he wrote.

Triple H was a member of DeGeneration X, the wrestling group that created the crotch chop and popularized it in the mainstream as its signature taunt.

Embiid has used the crotch chop before for in-game celebrations, and this is just the latest instance. So, even if the NBA didn’t necessarily approve of Embiid’s celebration, getting Triple H’s approval is probably worth the $25,000 fine.