Jimmy Garoppolo will be out again on Sunday, making it seven straight missed games since he injured his foot in early December. It is still possible, however, for Garoppolo to return for the Super Bowl if the 49ers beats Philadelphia and gets to the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Garoppolo told The Athletic’s Matt Barrows that the last obstacle he has to cross is sprinting, but he is able to do anything else with his injured right foot. However, Garoppolo said it’s still “up in the air” whether he would be able to play in the Super Bowl if the team gets there.

In a December game vs. the Dolphins, Garoppolo injured his right foot, and it seemed like he would be out for the season. However, he found out he didn’t need surgery, which meant the team was optimistic he could return deep into the playoffs.

While Garoppolo has rehabbed, rookie quarterback Brock Purdy has gone undefeated as the starter, making a case that he could remain in that role even once Garoppolo is healthy. Coach Kyle Shanahan has declined to address who would start in that scenario, only choosing to say that Garoppolo isn’t “expected” to play this weekend after his recent X-rays.

Teams who make the Super Bowl get the benefit of an extra week of practice, which would help Garoppolo and other players who need time to heal before the game.