LOS ANGELES (Nexstar) — It’s important for every Super Bowl to be tailored to its host city — and there’s no way Los Angeles could host a Super Bowl without it having a Hollywood feel.

The Super Bowl Experience is interactive for NFL fans who want to run the 40, learn about the way game balls are being made and pose with a mannequin wearing their favorite team’s jersey – but the Experience is also unique in every host city.

“It’s very important to make sure that everything we’re doing feels authentic to the city that we’re in,” Daphne Wood, NFL’s director of events, said.

This year, the NFL teamed up with local artist and designer Steve Chorney to create a movie poster-themed scavenger hunt for fans.

“This year’s theme art and creative is about bringing that movie star experience to the front lines,”
Wood said. “He kind of took that inspiration and that story-telling that he’s so great at and brought it into this year’s theme art and kind of gave us that storyline and that way to portray the movies meets our movie which is the Super Bowl.”

The goal is simple: find each of the 10 posters and scan them into the NFL OnePass app fans download to get into the Experience.

“Two of them feature the teams, one of them is this year’s art, which you see right behind us, and then seven representing the Super Bowls that have been in Los Angeles,” Wood explained.

Sadly, Team Nexstar couldn’t find every poster, which is unfortunate because if you do find them all, you get entered to win two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl — a massive prize, given the average ticket price for this year’s game is $9,000.