PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With prices rising for just about everything, many people are strapped for cash these days, and that means a lot of people aren’t donating to non-profits.

However, a locally created app is helping people easily earn some extra bucks and donate that money to their favorite causes.

The Evergreen Habitat for Humanity store in Vancouver is stocked with all sorts of home improvement supplies. The nonprofit depends on the sales of these donated items, and donations in general, to support their building work in the community.

This new app could make it easier to donate to them.

The app is called Focusloop. After giving basic information, you earn a dollar for answering simple questions, like if you prefer Mexican food or Thai food. You can keep the cash or donate it to a nonprofit. Additionally, each time a charity makes $500 in donations, Focusloop sends them a check.

“So many people right now can’t pull out their checkbooks or donate online right now, and it really opens the door to people to get to support local businesses by answering questions,” said Lindsi Smtih, COO of habitat for Humanity. “It’s really exciting.”

Focusloop founder Brad Austin says the company won’t give out anyone’s personal info to the business asking questions. In fact, the only way those businesses can send you coupons or deals based on your answers is through the app.

“It’s a beautiful model because everybody’s happy. They make $20… a few hundred a month or what have you … and the business finds their customers,” Austin said.

The Evergreen Habitat for Humanity and Xpose Hope, an organization that fights sex trafficking, are two of the nonprofits currently listed on Focusloop, and they were very excited about this new way for them to raise money for their causes.

“We do a very specific, out there thing. We’re not your general nonprofit and that they would accept us and love the ladies we love and be willing to help us was amazing to us,” said Xpose Hope Executive Director Betty Campbell.

“Folks can make a difference just with an opinion and a cell phone these days. So a lot of people are left out of the loop when it comes to benefiting a nonprofit or being part of a cause. Either they don’t have the time to volunteer or they don’t have the extra income,” added Focusloop Director of Engagement Paul Kuthe. “This is a way everybody can be part of the difference.”