PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Over two dozen cats were recently recovered in Lane County, officials say.

The Eugene Police Department tells KOIN 6 News someone contacted Lane County Animal Services to let them know they were being evicted from their apartment — and that they were leaving behind “a lot of cats.”

The apartment’s property management company later contacted the Eugene Animal Services (EAS) office to say once the tenant left, they counted 15 cats still in the apartment. The company said they had to provide food and water for the animals until EAS came the next day. 

Once EAS got to the residence, they reportedly found and impounded a total of 26 cats.

EAS says the cats appeared healthy aside from being “very frightened” and infected with ringworm. The inside of the home was reportedly covered with feces and urine, with only one litter box for all of the cats.

'Very frightened': 26 cats recovered from Eugene apartment
Twenty-six cats were recovered from an apartment in Eugene, Oregon. July 19, 2022. (Photo: Eugene Police Department)

The cats have since been taken to Greenhill Humane Society and are now up for adoption, according to officials.

Authorities say they haven’t been able to track down the owner of the cats because the property management company would not release the former tenant’s information.