PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Michael and Ebony Williams sell t-shirts outside the New Seasons in Northeast Portland. They thought the pop-up COVID testing site on a public sidewalk was suspicious.

“They were right by that tree right there, right at the end,” Michael Williams told KOIN 6 News. “I seen them doing a lot of testing, but they was throwing a lot of stuff in the trash and the store manager came out and told them to leave and they kept coming back.”

One KOIN 6 News viewer said he never got his results after taking a COVID test at that pop-up that went by the name “Community Wellness America.”

The Seattle Health Department put out a caution warning and picture in April about a group by the same name and warned of “concerning testing operations.”

Officials with New Seasons said they are “aware that multiple agencies are conducting an active investigation into an organization offering COVID-19 test services near our property. … While we don’t hold jurisdiction over those spaces, we are cautioning people not provide personal or identifying information while the investigation is ongoing.”

New Seasons said they’ve been contacted by the Oregon Health Authority, Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The owner of a California lab who said the pop-ups have been using his company’s name has asked them to stop.

That lab owner wrote to the KOIN 6 News viewer and said they “informed the authorities in Oregon that those people who work for Community Wellness America and provide COVID-19 Swabtest in Oregon have been using Crestview Lab’s name illegally.”

KOIN 6 News tried multiple times to reach the California-based Community Wellness America. Each time the phone call went straight to voice mail and no one has called back.