PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Expect areas of frost again Friday morning, with temperatures in the upper 20’s to low 30’s. 

Wind-sheltered spots will be freezing and below while wind-exposed zones could stay above freezing thanks to atmospheric mixing. However, the caveat is that the wind will make you feel colder than you actually are so either way, you gotta bundle up in the morning. Blue skies will hopefully offer you a sunny demeanor.

We stay windy, dry, with highs in the low 40’s through Saturday.

Snow chances in the Portland region?

Weekend travel? The next chance of rain is Sunday morning. Not a big rush of moisture but temps leading up to this will be cold enough to deliver snow to the Gorge down to freeway level, with around 1 inch possible by Sunday night.

The Coast Range and possibly the West Hills of Portland have the potential to see a dusting of snow early Monday morning. However, there is still not a solid consensus from forecast models so don’t rearrange plans yet. The amount of moisture available from Sunday through Monday appears limited for the Willamette Valley.

I don’t like long-range forecasting beyond a week simply because accuracy drops off dramatically. You’re throwing darts and gambling to the greatest extent. Even short term forecasts for the Portland area can hang by a thread thanks to our wildly diverse terrain. What I can share with you is what I see developing from forecast model guidance. Sunday through Tuesday would be our window for a wintry mix anywhere near the valley floor, but likely only during the transition from night to morning. Unfortunately, freezing rain could be part of that mix. From Wednesday forward I see a warming trend, not an Arctic blast, leading us into Christmas weekend. The threat of extremely cold air from the north keeps shying away from Oregon with every model run. If you have to travel east of the Rockies next week into the Upper Midwest, you could be in for a bitter, cold ride leading up to Christmas Day, possibly 20-30 degrees below normal.

Will the Pacific Northwest see snow this Christmas?

The way it looks now, the Pacific Northwest can wave that white Christmas goodbye and get ready for a bunch of rain, especially if an atmospheric river arrives. If all plays out this would push snow levels well above mountain passes for late December. Get your skiing in soon! Stay with us as we examine the latest data coming in.

Our morning low for Portland at PDX Thursday morning was 27° – that’s the lowest for this season and the lowest since March 10th (28°).