PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The sun will be out to party for our Tuesday. Sounds like a party we all want to be part of. However, it is going to come with a second day of some intense heat. Portland will wake up with a mostly clear sky and temperatures in the upper 60s. We will cross into the 80s by mid-day, with the likelihood of temperatures hitting the lower 90s by late afternoon. This is the back edge of a summer ridge that came in on Monday, boosting temperatures into the mid and upper 90s. We will take a step back from that heat, but it will still be well above average and toasty.

Notice in the day planner that there isn’t a cloud in the forecast. It will start bright and blue, finishing with a few thin clouds around the valley. Not much to block out that summer sun. If you have plans to be outdoors this afternoon, you will need to protect yourself from that sun! The UV Index is again to hit around 8, which can cause some serious stress on your body. The peak burn time can even reach 15 minutes. It doesn’t take much time to feel that sun.

Cooler starts to work in some cooler air today, which is going to be the same air mass that will help us out on Wednesday. The overall shift in wind for the region will be the key to the cooler air. Cycle through the slideshow to see the temperatures across the rest of the state. The Dalles, again, will be pushing triple-digits, with temperatures just about at that mark for Pendleton.

Do your best to stay cool today!