PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – There is sunshine behind all these clouds. We won’t be working with much of that on Thursday, but there may be a small window or two.

You can expect clouds and rain in the morning, which will be the wettest point of the day. There will be a few more showers late morning and mid-day too. It’s possible for a broken deck of clouds in the early afternoon.

If you find some sunshine in the afternoon, it won’t stick around very long. Notice that the day planner starts to dry us up by the time the evening commute approaches, but the roads will still be wet.

There may be a few pockets of heavy rain in the early hours of Thursday. This is when the main front will move on through, creating more lift. Morning showers for just about everyone outside of some of the areas in central Oregon that are taking advantage of the rain shadow.

I want to point out that there won’t be much snow for the Oregon Cascades with this event. The best opportunity for snow to the bases of the ski resorts will be Thursday night as cold air moves in. If you cycle through the graphics below, you can see how the day unfolds through the Futurecast graphics.

Rain totals are expected to climb quickly in the morning, before slowing down by the afternoon. Weather models are still driving rain totals to the quarter of an inch range (potentially more) for both Portland and Vancouver. Rain totals will be lighter to the south and to the east. This rain event will impact more of the coast and areas of the Portland metro area.

Temperatures are going to be warm in the morning. If you have to take the dog out for a walk, you will need a rain jacket, but not a winter coat. This will be warm for the morning. It may even be warmer in the morning than later in the day when we get to the evening.

It won’t be a warm day for all, there will be some chilly temperatures in the Gorge. Hood River, extending east to The Dalles, will be cool. Temperatures starting in the mid-30s and likely only hitting the mid to upper 30s by the afternoon.