A spring snowstorm brings a foot of snow for mountains


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It’s a snowy and windy scene up at Mt. Hood Meadows and the snow continues to come down Monday afternoon.

It’s a doozy of a system for the Cascades to start the week and that is what we call a spring snowstorm! Snow totals have pushed a foot for the ski resorts and the passes were snowed over early in the day. If you were grabbing a spring pass to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, you’ve made a good decision. There is still time too, as the season extends well into spring.

We still have a departing trough that will take until late this afternoon before it really lowers the impact around the region. That means more snow is possible and some may find more than a foot of snow on the mountain.

You can see how the snow just kept adding up at Mt. Hood Meadows starting from late last night and through the morning. From 10 p.m. Sunday night to 5 a.m. Monday morning, there was at least 8 inches of snow. We’ve collected 3 inches from that point, bringing the total at 5,380 feet to just shy of a foot. There are some other spots up on the mountain that have hit that foot mark though. The wind has been pushing the 50 mph, making for an active live camera this afternoon. You can also watch the camera livestream here.

With all that in mind, we may have additional snow this afternoon, making travel slow. There is still a winter weather advisory in place until 5 p.m. Monday night. This will mainly impact those above 3,000 feet, unless you’re traveling. As mentioned above, this will start to slow down this evening, leaving completely dry conditions by Tuesday. Snow levels will jump by the weekend, so we want to get as much snow as we can right now to prolong this season and keep everything active up there.

The radar through the morning and into mid-day shows how scattered the rain is in the valley. However, notice that are plenty of cells coming off the ocean from the Pacific and continue to drag southeast before turning easterly into the mountains. We can’t rule out some stray showers as we enter the second part of our day.

Although most will stay dry, there is still a threat heading into the afternoon. Also, focus your attention on the east-south of Pendleton and to the mountains there. Snowfall isn’t going to just fall for the Cascades, but it will impact the Blue and Wallowa mountains. We will keep the isolated shower in the forecast for Portland in between those beautiful blue pockets of sunshine.

It’ll only get more sunny for folks too as the afternoon takes over. It’ll probably be a nice sunset from the Oregon coast into the Willamette Valley tonight. You can see the pockets of cumulus clouds coming from the northwest. Still some stratiform clouds south and extending through other parts of the region, but for the most part we start to break those clouds apart.

It’s one thing to follow along with the radar and satellite, but when you can see it from our cameras and also pick out how scattered the rain is, we like to show that. If you scroll through the slideshow, you can see how it’s sunny in one area and rainy in another. That will be the nature of our weather for today. There will be more sunshine that showers by late afternoon and early evening. Once that sun goes down we are mostly in the clear tonight too. The view coming out of Seaside makes you want to jump in a car and rush out to the coast. I do want to stress that the wind will be blowing a bit today, so there may feel like there is a chill to the air.

With that in mind, we have plenty of dry time this week. We have a mainly dry finish to our Monday and a completely dry day on Tuesday. There will be some rain on Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday looks to be sunny and around average. Honestly, I should have extended the graphic so you can see the weekend. We are looking at temperatures in the mid 60s to maybe even warmer than that. We will have more on that this week as it is the next big topic to talk about as we get close to the end of March.

Speaking of warmer weather and temperatures starting to trend to the mid 60s. This is how the spring breaks down as far as high and low temperatures. Think about this, if we hit the mid 60s this weekend, it’ll feel more like early May! It’ll be like skipping a full month out there. I hope you enjoy the mountain views and the pleasant spring weather.

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