A spring week like no other tucked into early April


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Are you ready for a taste of July in April? No joke, we have temperatures that would reflect late June and early July in the forecast this week.

High temperatures will be climbing quickly from the lower 60s to the upper 70s by the weekend. Why stop there? We may even hit the lower 80s come Saturday, assuming conditions play out the right way and there isn’t a swift change to the forecast by then. According to the temperature trend graphic below for Portland, it’s a steady step in the direction to summer all in five days.

We know it’s April though and this is well above our average. Temperatures should be bobbing around the lower 60s to mid-60s for the remainder of the month.

It has been cold in the morning, but that will also give, as morning temperatures shoot above average too. After temperatures bottomed out in the mid-30s Monday morning, they should be closer to the lower 40s Tuesday. It’s possible our morning temperatures don’t dip below 50 degrees later in the week. As our daytime high increases, we will see that morning low increase too. They are connected this week.

We will ditch the frost for morning temperatures that will feel good for a run or relaxing walk in the morning. I would still count on some warm coffee, but you shouldn’t be able to see your breath out there in the morning hours like you could a few mornings recently.

The beauty attached to this week will also be the clear skies showing off all the spring signs and the mountains. How about the shot of Mt. St. Helens on a Monday afternoon. The snow has still stacked up on the mountain and we have spring conditions down in the valley to enjoy.

Without any rain coming, that also means we do not have any fresh snow in the forecast. It’ll be blue sky skiing on the already deep snow for the week.

What is almost unheard of, is the fact that we have seven to potentially 10 dry days coming. There is a chance that we may see something early next week, but right now, all signs are pointing at a dry stretch that will last a week. This is also the ultimate spring cleaning week if you are trying to power wash the outdoors. Additionally, car wash? It’s a perfect time for a car wash, especially midweek and beyond when it’s not as windy and the pollen may be settled.

For now, our Monday afternoon is going to be breezy and that is the case for Tuesday morning. You can see how the wind will be gusting in the 30 to 40 mph range. This is going to be a northeast wind, which will be a gradual transition to the east by the time we get to midweek. Tuesday morning will likely be the windiest time frame before conditions start to settle down a bit more by midweek. If you’re going to be outside on a bike ride, be prepared for that offshore wind coming at you.

The main cause for the dry weather and the warm conditions is going to be a large ridge of high pressure moving in our direction this week. That will promote clear skies through the process of subsidence or the sinking of air. You can see how clear it is outside this afternoon coming from out camera across the river in Portland. Take advantage of the weather because we do need rain, which we will keep an eye on the second part of April for those showers.

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