A warm Wednesday but cool temps by weekend


Details for Wednesday, April 21, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Alright folks, the show is almost over. We’ve been on quite the stretch of warm and dry weather. Wednesday is going to be our final day for some time that we see temperatures well above our average of the lower 60s.

We are going to hit the mid to upper 70s. By the evening hours, most hovering around the mid 70s. A reminder that this is the weather that we come to expect near mid-June to July.

We have been spoiled with this weather, but it did come with the disconcerting risk for fires and fire spread. Those on the Oregon coast in Seaside or down to Lincoln City can expect temperatures in the mid 50s. Clouds around in the morning, but hopeful that you have some sunshine too.

Will we be able to hit 80 one more time before we cool down? I guess I should say that there may be a few locations that try to work into the upper 70s. I don’t think we have enough to hit the 80 degree mark Wednesday.

We will take what we can get, that goes for the weekend too. We have some colder air moving in our direction with our first chance for rain in what feels like ages. Check out the forecast trend for the weekend. Temperatures potentially falling into the mid 50s for some. It doesn’t look to stay that cool for long, at least not as long as the 70 plus stretch that we had going on.

I do want to note that we will have a change in the wind Wednesday, which will help bring more of an onshore flow in our direction. This should increase the moisture around here. Still very dry for those of you east of the Cascades, but the relative humidity should be a bit higher than where we have been sitting.

By Thursday we can expect more of an influence from that onshore flow and that should help lower our temperatures and bring our relative humidity back to the 40s and 50s. This is better for wildfire danger, which that may mean we will have those burn bans removed. If not by Thursday, it should come by the weekend as the rain returns.

Rain is not an issue on Wednesday. That means you should get the bike out or go for that hike that you’ve been wanting to do this week. It will still be good to go Thursday and Friday but be ready for the rain by weekend.

Here is a weather model of Saturday morning, which shows that moisture moving in early for the weekend. Weather models have been up and down on the timing and the amount of moisture coming in. This may still change, but I think we are coming to the agreement that the rain will arrive earlier on Saturday and it will be on and off for most of the weekend. This is good news. We are so dry and we definitely need that moisture.

Check out the weather models for the forecast rain total through the weekend. How about these totals? The late April surge of moisture can help bring us out of our exceptionally dry start to the month. I don’t expect our rain totals to be this high, but it is hopeful that we are trending to more of a wet pattern.

Notice that the totals in the valley are actually higher than that of the Oregon coast. Areas like Madras picking up some decent moisture as well. This would be an ideal scenario for the state. Keep updated here as we continue to monitor the weekend.

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