PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Rain jackets are a hot commodity as they have been very useful for the last week — but for now, you can tuck them away and take out those puffer jackets without the hoods.

After seven straight days of measurable rain to kick off November, we have dry time coming in hot (although, as far as temperatures go, it will be cold.)

Portland, Oregon Top 10 Wettest Starts to November through November 7

It has been a wet start to the month. We tied a record rainfall on Friday, Nov. 4, with nearly two inches of rain. That was enough to create some flooding concerns around the region.

The driest day so far fell on Saturday, Nov. 5, which was still very damp from all the rain the day prior.

The first seven days have been waterlogged, but we have actually had more in the past. The record for the wettest start to November through the first week comes in at 6.58 inches back in 2006. With a total of 2.98 inches this year, we are sitting at No. 5.

It may feel like it’s been wetter because we had a rainy finish to the month of October as well. Going back to October 21, Portland has brought in a total of 6.16 inches of rain! We have had two dry days and one that brought in a trace of rain.

It’s just been a soaking stretch of weather for the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the rainy season won’t stop anytime soon, but you have to take advantage of the dry time while it is here.

The next 10 days favor a dry forecast. There are a few slight chances for a shower or two, but many communities will be staying completely dry.

High pressure is expected to prevent much rain from moving in throughout the next week. There is one disturbance coming through Friday, mainly bringing in clouds around the Portland metro area. The greatest chance for rain will be on the Oregon coast and, tentatively, the central and southern Willamette Valley.

There will be plenty of dry days to tackle fall hikes before the next stretch of wet weather. Now’s the time to enjoy the fall weather!