Allergy forecast: How the weather impacts the pollen


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Get ready: it’s just about that time where allergy season is taking off and people will start feeling the pain — and it’s only early March.

The allergy forecast for Portland this week will spike by the time we get to Thursday with relatively mild and breezy conditions. This is the pollen count for the next five days with the forecast dropping by Friday and Saturday because of rain and conditions preventing the spread of those allergens.

What does the scale actually mean? The allergy forecast is based on the pollen concentration from a location. Which those pollen levels vary from one spot in the valley to the next because of weather conditions and the general makeup of that area. For example, there may be more grasses further south around Salem than Portland. Just the abundance of that product will likely stress that location more than another even if the weather is similar. You can hear about that in this podcast with meteorologist Kelley Bayern.

Warm, dry, and windy weather are vulnerable spots for high pollen counts because of the weather. Rain or cool weather will put a halt to the allergy forecast; however, most of the time it will just be temporary.

If you’re thinking of a good day to be out and about this week, it will likely fall on Thursday. That will also be the highest pollen count around Portland with a consistent breeze and warmer temperatures. If you’re going to be doing some yard work, you may want to wear a mask to help keep those allergens from nagging your sinuses. By Friday the rain will be here and the allergy forecast will drop.

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