Another chilly morning that turns warm in the afternoon


Details for Tuesday, April 6, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Back to back mornings with some cold temperatures out there. If you’re heading out early, you will feel the chill in the air. Temperatures near freezing for some, with likely lows in the upper 30s around Portland to start Tuesday.

You may have to deal with some frost on the car in the morning if you’re outside of Portland. High pressure keeps the sky mostly clear, leading to that radiational cooling overnight and the temperatures falling. You can check out the weather model below which is depicting the temperature in the early hours of Tuesday. Many around the Willamette Valley coming in with those temperatures near freezing, with colder temperatures for central and eastern Oregon. If you saw frost on Monday morning, there is a chance that you have that again Tuesday.

By afternoon, we are soaring into the mid 60s. There may even be some neighborhoods that find a way to reach into the upper 60s. The Oregon coast will be a bit cooler with that wind coming off the ocean. The wind doesn’t get too strong, coming in out of the north or northwest around 5 to 10 mph. Temperatures in the Gorge just about the same, however, closer to 70 degrees or warmer once you hit The Dalles and to areas of the Tri-Cities in Washington.

A wonderful forecast to be outside with high pressure keeping the sky wide open and the temperatures growing throughout the day. It will feel more like a May day than April.

Mt. Hood Meadows 4.5.21

Speaking of that high pressure, you can see that there is very little moisture in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) today.

Plans for a hike? You’re good to go. Plans for a run to the store? No problem. There will be no active weather in the region, from a light wind and no precipitation. If you were thinking of a nice blue sky ski, Tuesday is your day. There will be a chance for some light snow on Wednesday with a weak disturbance, but that will be about it until the weekend. Plenty of snow up on the mountain right now to enjoy the spring passes.

The next chance for rain will be coming out of the Gulf of Alaska on Wednesday, which means you there is still a good 24 plus hours of dry time in Portland. Our average rainfall for the month of April is over 2 inches, but we haven’t had any measurable rain to this point. Will we get there? We will need to pull in some systems eventually, but so far it’s a dry start to the month.

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