PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Our forecast is still on track for a round of showers and a chance for thunderstorm development. An area of low pressure will slide east on Wednesday, but it will be both a warm and cold front that creates more of a noticeable rattle to the forecast.

The first of the sequence will be a warm front, which will lift north in the morning. This will initiate some showers, potentially a thunderstorm. The window for that is likely to be anywhere after 9 a.m. to the early afternoon.

The environment becomes more tense in the afternoon as we pick up some energy. This is when the Willamette Valley and locations like Portland and Salem should be on standby for a strong storm. We continue to have a marginal threat for severe weather in the section of dark green below.


You can cycle through the slideshow below to get a visual representation of the forecast. Notice that there will even be cold enough air for more snow for the mountains. It’s that cold air aloft that helps destabilize the atmosphere. We will factor that cold air, moisture, strong wind, and sunshine together for a dynamic environment.

Fast-forward to the mid afternoon and you will see the development of what may be a cluster or two of thunderstorms. Conditions are going to be more vulnerable to a building thunderstorm once we work some of the heat of the day. The thunderstorms that form may bring heavy downpours, gusty wind, hail, lightning, and even a funnel cloud or brief tornado. We have a lull in the action after dinner, before more moisture lifts north late Wednesday into Thursday.


As noted above, the thunderstorm potential will span from the coast east. Most will have a chance for a thunderstorm to develop around your area Wednesday. That doesn’t mean it will occur, but the threat is higher Wednesday than most days.

The Oregon coast will have highs in the lower 50s. What is most noticeable today is going to be the wind. It will be quite strong, with wind gusting over 40 mph. A reminder to head indoors today if you hear thunder or see a storm moving in. Give it 15 to 20 minutes before you get back to your work.

There will be fewer storms from the Cascades east today, but the testy wind will carry over to areas east. You can use the slideshow below to see what the forecast is for your area.