Another summer April day coming with some gusty moments


Details for Sunday, April 18, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We were anticipating a warm weekend and it surely arrived. Temperatures have reflected a July day and we will be back at it for our Sunday.

We had some record breaking temperatures already this weekend. Portland hit 84 degrees Saturday and Salem topped off at 85, but breaking previous records that were set in 2016. Any time you find temperatures 20 degrees above average, you start pressing the record books. There were three additional record breaking temperatures on Saturday: Hillsboro, Salem, and Troutdale.

Sunday we can expect another unseasonably warm day. That ridge of high pressure that has been moving over our region for the last few days will still be strongly in place. That allows for temperatures to soar to the lower to mid 80s up and down the Willamette Valley. It should reach that mark from The Dalles to Pendleton, too.

The Oregon coast looks to be a bit cooler, as there will be a shift in the wind leading to some more clouds. Astoria hit 80 degrees Saturday, only topping in the 60s today. You can rock the summer gear for the rest of the weekend!

Just a reminder that the rivers are all very cold. The water temperatures won’t pair the air temperature. The river temperatures will take until the summer to warm.

Now let’s talk about the ongoing fire danger risk that is elevated through the weekend. Use the slideshow below to go through the conditions for Sunday. The wind is going to pick back up a bit on Sunday, especially east of the Cascades, which can create some unfavorable conditions around here. The fire weather danger will increase in the second part of the day. This is because of the wind. It’s already very dry and we know that it’s hot, but the wind is the main concern because of the power of spreading those little fires quickly.

If you go to the wind gust forecast for 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, notice that the wind starts pushing the 30 to 40 mph range around the eastern Gorge. The weather model may be overplaying the wind speed a bit tomorrow, but these conditions aren’t the type of conditions you want to overlook. Weather models are trying to push the 20 mph range around the Willamette Valley as well. This is why we want to continue to stress the fire danger through the whole weekend. Although we aren’t in wildfire season yet, the conditions are very similar.

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