PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The heat is expected to be out in full force on Wednesday, along with a beautiful blue sky.

That high heat will arrive by the afternoon and will still be quite toasty albeit a few degrees cooler than Tuesday. Expect temperatures to be fairly mild in the morning, with daytime highs reaching the lower to mid 90s.

Any inkling of cooler air in the forecast is now starting to show signs of bypassing the region for another week.

You may find relief from the heat out on the Oregon coast for the day. Temperatures will be closer to average for the northern Oregon coast and will be cooler with more clouds around the central Oregon coast.

High-level wildfire smoke is expected to mix into the sky for the next day. The wind will shift aloft to more of a southwesterly flow on Thursday. This will usher some of the high-level wildfire smoke towards the Cascades and central Oregon.

There is currently no rain in the forecast.

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