PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Talk about August gloom the last few days. The clouds have been staying strong through the morning — and we’ve even had some moments of measurable rain.

We will talk more about the larger weather pattern below and what it means for our late August weather. Expect the clouds to be around on Monday morning, with weather models keeping them around the Columbia River and extending south through Multnomah County and into some of the surrounding counties.

Clouds will be the most stubborn around Portland and Vancouver today, with less south in the Willamette Valley. Those of you east of the Cascades will be steering clear of any cloud coverage. Weather models are showing broken clouds close to noon, with general clearing happening from the south and east today.

If you cycle over to the final cloudcast graphic below, you will notice plenty of green by the evening hours. We’ve made progress with the clouds each day, eventually leading to more sunshine to start the workweek.

We can’t rule out some evening clouds near the Oregon coast, but it should be a pleasant finish to the day. With more sunshine in the afternoon, this means we will warm up a few more degrees than what we brought to the table this weekend.

In fact, some communities didn’t even hit 70 on Saturday or Sunday. It was a cool weekend, around 10 degrees below average. If we were swinging the other direction, where temperatures were 10 degrees above average, we would be in the lower 90s.

It may be a cool morning, with temperatures hovering around the lower 50s. Weather models are even projecting temperatures in the 40s for some locations in the valley. We haven’t had temperatures in the 40s since May (at the Portland International Airport), so it is going to be one of our coolest mornings this summer.

Will we get to 49 in Portland? I do not believe so. However, if you’re farther south in the valley, I do believe that temperature it is possible. You may need to wear that sweatshirt or something heavier for your morning walk!

How about those afternoon temperatures? It looks like we are on our way to our third day of 70s in a row. Temperatures likely holding to the lower to mid 70s today, depending on the sunshine.

It will be cooler for central and eastern Oregon as well, as that trough of cool air migrates to the east. You can get all your outdoor work done without breaking a massive sweat right now. Cycle to the next temperature and wind graphic to get an idea of the afternoon temperatures.

Just like the weekend, it should be warmer to the south once again.

I mentioned above that we would talk more about the weather pattern at hand right now. We were lucky to avoid the building ridge this weekend and with that, we kept temperatures cool. Will it happen again this week? Weather models are trending towards a ridge building to the west, eventually moving into the Pacific Northwest by Saturday.

With a level of uncertainty that far out, I still believe we are going to see temperatures return to average and above. However, our recent weather tells me that we are getting to a period of the summer that we are starting to see a breakdown to your typical mid-summer weather patterns.

The jet has been in our favor since that 6-day stretch of 90-degree heat. We have invited more of a June setup.

We’ve been keeping the ridge out over the Pacific and that has allowed for multiple shortwaves to move through. We are at the back edge of that shortwave from Sunday, which is going to keep us cool and cloudy to start the week.

If you check out the weather pattern graphic below, you will notice that drop over the PNW, with the green area up in the eastern edge of British Columbia. That is the main core of the low pressure that is going to be pulling east through the start of the week.