PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – You’re going to have to pull out your summer wardrobe for the next couple days.

Warmer fall weather is coming our way as high pressure expands across the PNW. A warm air mass will keep our afternoons toasty. However, it’s also dry, which means we should see a cool night as well. You can call it a healthy compliment of warm and cool.

Temperatures dropping to the lower to mid 50s Sunday night. Portland should top off in the upper 80s Sunday. There may even be a neighborhood or two that hits the 90s. Expect a sunny sky with a light breeze. Temperatures stay warm until a front moves in Wednesday.

A meager amount of moisture but we will have a chance for light rain overnight into Wednesday morning. A thick marine layer and drizzle is highly likely.

Swipe through the slideshow below to see the forecast in your area.