Banner day in Portland, but can we count on this weather to stay?


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It’s official, it’s a banner day for us over in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

Why? Well that’s a banner cloud coming off Mt. Hood. We are definitely starting the month of March off like a lamb, but will we have more assertive weather coming our way later in the month? That’s how the saying goes, so we will have to see if we finish like a lion.

Take advantage of this high pressure extending up from the coast that is keeping all the rain and action out of our region because will break down later in the week, which means — you guessed it — this beautiful weather will not continue.

Mt. Hood Meadows Banner Cloud

Looking down from above our heads, the visible satellite is telling the story of peaceful weather. A cut-off low west of California, showing the rotation that you can spot even when it isn’t in motion, will try to move east. It will continue to actually usher in some warmer weather for Oregon until a cold front arrives come Thursday night into Friday.

The system arrives from the northwest, which you can see some of that action out there over the Pacific Ocean. Two days of spring-like weather are still to come. That front will chug into the PNW, giving us some time to play outside.

The view of Portland at mid-day is a bit cloudy. Again you can capture that from the satellite in the image above too. That is a stretch of clouds that is spreading across the edge of the high pressure that is closer to the surface. You can see how clear it is down south to areas of Medford this afternoon. The farther north, the cloudier it will be. This is the result of a front that just fell apart. At one time, weather models were trying to push some showers in today but we are going to refrain.

KOIN Tower Portland Tuesday NOON

Here is a nice example of what is going on this afternoon as rain stays offshore and there is even some snowfall up there in areas of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. You can find the high pressure trying to hold for the Oregon coast as it quickly drops to the northwest. That aforementioned front that is dissipating, is part of the reason we will stay cooler today compared to our first 60-degree day of March (right on time).

How about the view coming out of Lincoln City, Oregon right now! The waves are perfect and the sky is baby blue! You can see some clouds way in the distance, but nothing to keep the sunshine from beaming down there. This is a wonderful day to be out there going for a beach walk. Sunset coming? I’m sure it will be a picturesque view later today, that will occur shortly after 6 p.m.

Let us briefly fast-forward 24 hours, where we should return to 60 degree temperatures in Portland. We are nearing that trough to the west, which will lead to an increase in wind speed, especially aloft, mixing in some warmer weather for us again for midweek. The refreshing breeze that you feel Tuesday afternoon may feel warmer Wednesday. All eyes are on that area that is to the northwest though in the Gulf of Alaska. That has its eyes on us, bringing back cooler and wetter weather for the weekend.

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