PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Clouds have cleared out and we are back to the summer sizzle of July.

Portland will be approaching the lower 90s today. This will be a fairly short-lived burst of heat, but it will be enough to cause a bit of a strain on afternoon activities and outdoor work.

Expect the morning temperatures to be in the lower 60s, with highs today topping off around 90 degrees. Some neighborhoods may be a few degrees above or below that mark. We may end up dealing with a few hours in that summer heat. This will be a 10-degree jump from the temperatures we had going Monday, and about 15 degrees warmer than the weekend.

Rain continues to be a no-show as we press through July. It’s naturally a dry month and there seems to be no shift in the weather pattern coming our direction that would lead to the refreshing rain. We keep summer going with more blue sky and sunshine in the meantime.

We have also been fortunate to avoid wildfire smoke this season. High pressure expanding out from the four corner region will lead to our warmer temperatures today and Wednesday. We will eventually have an upper-level low passing by on Thursday which should help cool down the weather heading into Friday. For now, the state is looking at above-average temperatures.

Swipe through the slideshow below to see the weather headlines and the forecast zones.

If you want a break from the heat, you should jump over to the Oregon coast for the day. You can find temperatures in the 60s and lower 70s. Plenty of heat across the state with temperatures well into the 90s for central and eastern Oregon. Stay cool out there!

Have a great Tuesday.