PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — King tides and an increased chance of sneaker waves will combine to create especially hazardous beach conditions this weekend.

The region’s last king tides of the season begin Friday and will persist through Sunday. Ocean levels can rise half-a-foot or more above the average high tide. KOIN 6 News Meteorologist Kelley Bayern reports beachgoers will want to remain cautious Friday, despite the beautiful sunny weather.

“Folks will need to use extra caution on the sand across the weekend,” Bayern said. “We’re under sunshine today along the coast with showers back in the forecast by Saturday morning.”

The National Weather Service predicts that the highest regional tides will occur at Toke Point, Washington. A beach hazards statement has been issued in connection to the swamped and unpredictable shores.

“[King tides] associated with the new moon phase will bring potential for minor tidal overflow issues on the south Washington Coast at times during the next several days,” the NWS forecasts. “Relatively quiet weather expected through the weekend will serve to limit potential tidal-overflow impacts given the lack of any strong onshore winds, large seas, or high river levels to exacerbate the tidal conditions.”

Without warning, sneaker waves can run significantly farther up the beach than preceding waves. These waves have been known to wash victims out to sea and carry deadly ocean debris. 

“Sneaker waves can suddenly knock people off of their feet and quickly pull them into the frigid ocean which may lead to serious injury or drowning,” the NWS said. “Remain out of the water to avoid hazardous swimming conditions. Keep children and pets away from the surf zone. Keep off of jetties, rocks and logs near the surf zone. If you see someone swept into the sea do not swim in after them. Call 911 and keep an eye on them until help arrives.”