PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – As meteorologists remind people repeatedly, weather conditions are always easier to predict as the day draws nearer. That is once again the case for early next week. 

On Tuesday, Meteorologist Kelley Bayern said it appeared there was a real chance the Portland area could see snow flurries Sunday and Monday. 

By Wednesday, she was less certain and said it’s too early to call whether there will be snow or not. Rain showers are likely for early next week, but snow is iffy. 

Tuesday’s weather is dry with temperatures climbing to the low 40s in the afternoon. 

Bayern said winds will kick up Thursday and Friday out of the Columbia River Gorge. Gusts will reach around 20-30 mph at times. 

Conditions through the week will remain fairly clear with patchy fog, frost and frigid temps. 

However, starting Sunday, forecasts toggle between dry and wet weather and cold and mild temperatures. 

“There is still a good shot at frigid daytime temps in the 20s & 30s in Portland midweek, and still some snow possible too,” Bayern said. 

She said the KOIN meteorology team will monitor the trends and have a better idea of what’s going to happen next week by the weekend.