PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Heavy travel is expected this weekend but with both a snowstorm and the deadline for removing studded tires on the horizon, some have been left wondering what to do.

Regardless of what side of the river you’re on, Friday is the deadline to remove studded tires and neither state has plans to extend that since the snow is mainly forecast for the mountains and not the lower elevations.

Of course, the February snowstorm is still fresh in all of our memories where we got nearly 11 inches of snow that made the roads all over the place a mess.

Fortunately, that’s not what’s anticipated this time.

Both Oregon and Washington Department of Transportation require you to have chains if you plan on going over the mountain passes today.

ODOT told KOIN 6 that they’ll have crews working to keep those passes as clear as possible this weekend.

“What’s special about this weekend is it will be that middle spring break weekend, so there will be more travel between states, so be prepared for winter travel and snow on mountain passes,” said David House with ODOT.

There are also chances of snow falling in the coastal range.