Did we crest for the week or do we have more heat coming?


Detailed information for Wednesday, June 30, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – For the last week, we’ve had temperatures over 90 degrees in the afternoon. Wednesday may be the day that we crest in the upper 80s, and bring that high temperature down a few more degrees. It should feel like a normal summer day.

We start the morning in the lower 60s once again. Weather models are pushing the mid 50s for some locations, which should feel wonderful. That will allow your home to cool down even more from the last three days. I’m sure it’s still running a bit warm, especially after hitting the 90s again Tuesday.

The core of the heat is still around the Tri-Cities region of Washington. You can tell by the heat that is still there as of 5 a.m.. It’s a pleasant morning for the Oregon coast with temperatures in the 50s and a breeze running out of the south at 10 mph. For those of you east of the Cascades, you will want to do your outdoor activities early in the day because it will heat up once again quickly.

If you cycle to the second graphic you will see the afternoon temperatures, which shows that core of heat building from The Dalles to Yakima down to Pendleton. Around that stretch of I-84, the temperatures are going to be cooking on Wednesday. The wind is going to be coming from the west down the mountains and through the Gorge with some strength. The fire danger will be up and you need to make sure to be using extra caution.

That goes for the whole week, as conditions remain dry and the wind will be blowing. Temperatures will top off around the mid to upper 80s in Portland. We may have a few spots in the lower 80s. That is the type of relief we need right now. You will have the chance to be outside during the afternoon, you will just need to find some shade and keep up with your water like normal.

I do want to mention that the real deep core of high pressure is going to shift just a bit farther to the northeast on Wednesday.

The graphic below shows that 591 line now expanding over Alberta. This is a large reason that the temperatures west of the Cascades will fall a few more degrees compared to Tuesday. There is another dome of heat over near New York right now, leading to very hot temperatures for the big city and folks on the East Coast, too.

Courtesy: TropicalTidbits

Alright…so what is this graphic with all the colors below?

This is a cross section, which is like a slice in the atmosphere, that shows the temperature from near the surface all the way up. What you can focus on, is the little mounds or mountains of orange and yellow at the bottom. That is the heat that stacked up near the surface. Without getting into much detail, there are signs of overall cooling aloft down the road. A major difference from Tuesday to Wednesday.

With cooler air aloft, temperatures will be cooler at the surface. Notice that those mounds of orange trail off by next week. Let’s hope we can keep that in the forecast. That means temperatures may be heading towards average for a little while next week.

Courtesy: WeatherBell

Here is weather model data to show the drop from Tuesday and the upcoming forecast highs and lows. The coolest day this week is scheduled to be Thursday. You can definitely take advantage of the next couple of days around here. We warm up a bit heading into the weekend, but it doesn’t appear we will have another massive heat wave.

Remember I said it may cool a bit next week? This particular weather model has us down near average. I wouldn’t put much weight into that right now. It is actually tough to scour out that warm air aloft. If we do find temperature back to the upper 70s, it’s going to be a good week.

Courtesy: WeatherBell

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