PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — We may have one of the warmest August mornings coming our direction. With the heat in place and a potential layer of clouds hanging out, we may stay toasty throughout Wednesday night.

Portland has only had two days on record where the morning low stayed at 70 degrees or above. Both of those days occurred last summer on August 12 and 13. The warmest morning low on record at the airport is 71 degrees, which happened last year.

Right now, weather models have a similar forecast tonight into Thursday morning.

Weather data is projecting a morning low of 72 degrees. That would officially be the warmest morning low on record going back through the record books (1941-2021). This is partially the reason we have a heat advisory in place until Thursday night.

Not only are we experiencing some hot afternoon temperatures, but the overnight is not going to provide much relief by morning.

With that, we are most likely going to break our morning low record temperatures. The record for Thursday morning is 65 degrees (2004). With many locations likely staying closer to 70 degrees, we shouldn’t have much of a problem breaking that low.

We may again repeat that heading into Friday morning. From that point on, we should start seeing the cooler air rush in and that will drop our nighttime temperatures into the lower 60s. That will feel good!

The most recent weather models are advertising clouds right over Multnomah county and most locations east of I-5 in the Willamette Valley early in the morning. Not only will that interfere with our northern lights viewing, but it won’t allow for the heat to escape our lower atmosphere (nocturnal radiation cooling). This act will keep our temperatures from dropping down to where they should be overnight.

With all of that, you will notice the warm morning when you’re heading out for your run or bike ride. We will keep you updated if we break that morning low record.