PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We have a major summer tease of a forecast today.

Temperatures are going to be soaring this afternoon. You can read more about what is going on and why it’s happening in this KOIN 6 weather story here.

Portland will start the day in the 40s, warming nearly another 30 degrees by afternoon. It will be a fantastic day across the board. You can expect above-average temperatures from the coast to every corner of the state. The warmest temperatures may be in the Willamette Valley, as an offshore wind helps us mix some of that warm air down to the surface. If you find late June and early July weather to be your favorite time of the year, today will feel similar to that.

The Oregon coast will have highs near 70 degrees. Tillamook should hit the lower 70s, but locations like Seaside will be four to five degrees cooler today. Regardless, nothing but a blue sky and some thin clouds.

Moving into the valley, sunshine is expected from start to finish. It will be a day for sunglasses and quite possibly, just t-shirts up top. Temperatures are expected to top around 78 in Portland, with at times, a gusty east wind. The wind will be the strongest closest to the western Gorge.

Will we be breaking a record high today? Well, the record is actually in the mid-80s today. We will have a real hard time getting to that point. It will still be a great day for golfing or just about anything outdoors. Use it while you can, because the warm weather will drop swiftly by the weekend.

There is a chance that some in central Oregon take the extra leap to 80 degrees as well. Temperatures around Deschutes county may get the extra kick. We usually have a few spurts of summer in spring, so this isn’t anything too out of the ordinary. It will be a fun spring roller coaster this week as temperatures drop to near freezing by Sunday night. You can swipe through the graphic slideshow below to see some of the conditions coming up this weekend.