Dry days are coming but after a few Wednesday showers


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Are you ready for some dry time? We have some in the forecast, but we have to get through one more day where we may have some clouds and a few showers in the forecast.

Thinking about some yard work? You should have plenty of time to get some of that done today. Thursday will be even better as high pressure moves in and kicks out that rain threat. That will carry over to the start of the weekend. It may be a good time to go get the car spruced up and washed if you’re one of those who like to keep your car looking fresh.

Why don’t we take a look at the forecast for tomorrow afternoon so you can see just how much is going on. Now a reminder that this is a weather model and it is projecting many showers around the valley and across the state tomorrow afternoon. This is likely overplaying our scenario for tomorrow,

I do believe a lot of this action will pull south with the area of low pressure as it sags farther from our region. We could see that happening already on Tuesday and that is likely going to be the continued path as we move into Wednesday.

With that said, we definitely can’t rule out some leftover moisture pairing with some energy from the day. Let’s keep a chance for some showers in the afternoon and carrying over into the evening.

Fast-forward three hours and there are showers up and down the Willamette Valley tomorrow evening. This will be the window of time where a chance for some rain increases, especially south of Portland down south near Marion county and farther. This is the last leg of our area of low pressure that will cycle on out the door by late Wednesday.

As I mentioned above, yard work shouldn’t be a huge problem tomorrow, but you may want to hold off on the car wash until Thursday.

The engine that is provoking these rain showers is the area of low pressure that is caught up in the broad trough that is digging south to California. As it does track south it will take the moisture to it, increasing rain chances for California and eventually cutting across to the four corner states.

This is represented in the graphic below where you can see the light green color off the coast of California, north of the bay area. Once it falls south it will no longer be our problem in Oregon.

Below is an idea of the bands of moisture and the embedded lows that find a way inside this larger system that we were looking at above. This is why everything is scattered and not very organized. We say goodbye to the cycling system and we will invite just cycling weather to wrap up the week.

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