PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Can you believe it’s almost the end of February? Spring feels like it’s knocking at our doorstep with this recent gorgeous string of dry and sunny weather!

If we finish out Thursday dry (which we likely will), it’ll mark our first 3-day dry streak since around Thanksgiving time last year.

So far, this winter has been mild and quiet. Snow threat for the city happened maybe two or three times. However, only a light dusting in our surrounding hills occurred — nothing widespread that shut down the city.

Average monthly temperatures since December have remained warmer than normal, as well. We have not seen a daytime high temperature that stayed below 40°. To put that into perspective, January on average sees daytime high temperatures below 40° about 24% of the time.

Rain totals this month at the Portland International Airport are well-below normal. We’ve tracked 1.29″ in the rain gauge, which is about 1.2″ below what we normally see at this point in the month. These dry conditions follow a soggy January where it rained every day except for two, on the 20th and 31st. January’s headlines were filled with local and coastal landslides that shut down many roads across the region.

Moving into the weekend, the region will likely stay dry with no measurable rain through the end of Saturday. That will bump our dry streak up to at least four days. It’ll be a good span to take advantage of the weather for any outdoor activities you enjoy.

A large upper-level low will swing into the region on Sunday to bring widespread rain to the coast and rain showers into the valley.

For skiers and mountain goers, expect new snow on Mt. Hood and a few inches over our local passes, as well. Skiers will need to be extra cautious driving over the passes come Sunday.

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