PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — When you have incredibly brilliant orange sunsets without a cloud in sight at the beach, that’s a sign easterly winds are in charge. Take a look at this beauty from Tuesday night. By the afternoon coastal temperatures will match or exceed the valley. Mid 50’s, or possibly higher daytime highs are expected today!

This morning you’ll notice clear skies where the wind is blowing and limited patchy fog where wind is calm. Sunshine is out along with stronger winds through the western opening of the gorge, down the Columbia River and across the Portland, Vancouver metro areas. Easterly wind gusts will range from 25-35 mph. This offshore flow will not be nearly as strong by Thursday night.

Rules for the outdoors this morning: Bundle up if you’re going to be outside for more than a few minutes and remember wind chill will be a factor.

Your Bus Stop Forecast: 37, clear with an easterly 25 mph wind in the morning. But in the afternoon, 55 and sunny with a 15 mph wind from the east.

If it feels drier than normal you are picking up on the huge dewpoint drop. What does that mean? It’s very dry – one major effect coming from the strong offshore winds.