PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – That stress of heat is just around the corner, and we are now under an Excessive Heat Warning for the Willamette Valley from Wednesday to Saturday.

Temperatures are expecting to crack 100 degrees for multiple days. Heat can sneak up quickly, it isn’t like watching a thunderstorm develop and travel in over time. Afternoons may see temperatures reach dangerous levels swiftly, with most locations into the 90s by lunchtime. If you travel south for a few days, you may even hit temperatures that are expected to reach above 105 degrees. This is again, another round of record-breaking temperatures for a lot of locations. We are not expecting all-time record highs with this event. We may not break any records, but it will be close.

This is what the remainder of the week will look like in comparison to the record that is in place. 1977 was a summer that brought in five 100 degree days in the summer, and we may be reaching that this summer too. We will be close on Wednesday, but it doesn’t appear that we will break a record. Each day that we are expecting to break 100 degrees, will be extremely close to a record. Thursday and Friday will be either a degree above or just about at the current record. Thursday is like the day that we will have the greatest chance to break the record.

What would keep us from reaching that record? There’s a chance for some wildfire smoke to move in, blocking out some of the solar radiation. We’ve had enough records and heat this summer, we can probably just keep these records set in 1977. It is likely that we will break a few records around the valley.

This afternoon, you can see the general movement of the clouds and flow around the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon coast is pushing the clouds from north to south, and that goes for most of the wildfire smoke at this hour. Notice in the photo below of Lincoln City that they have a deck of clouds in the distance. The clouds will be in and out of the coast today. Likely catching more clouds up in Seaside and areas around Astoria. There are some higher clouds streaming in from the north, which are also moving west. There may be some wildfire smoke mixed into those clouds from a wildfire up in Washington. Most of the thick smoke from the south is staying there right now. In fact, that mantle of smoke to the south almost appears stationary. It isn’t moving far at all at this hour.

Lincoln City, Oregon 8/10/21

With the wind shifting later in the week, we can expect a different view across the state. Make sure you keep connected with the KOIN 6 weather team on social media, this is where you will find updated posts (more frequent) about wildfire smoke and our heat wave.

With temperatures passing that triple-digit threshold this week, it is expected that folks find a way to cool in some of our local water sources. They should feel a lot better than earlier in the summer, but they are still rather cool in some locations. Most of the ocean temperatures are going to be below 60 degrees. The communities that are hugging the ocean are going to be cooler in general, but they will be into the 70s on Thursday which may lead to more water use. As far as the current river temperatures, they are hovering around 65 to 75 degrees. The Willamette River in Portland is usually the warmest spot, with a river temperature around the mid-70s. Check out the informational graphic that the National Weather Service in Portland put out on Monday. You can find more information on the graphic about air and water temperature. As always, make sure you have a life vest on if you’re going to be in the water this week.

Courtesy: Informational Graphic NWS Portland, Oregon